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Thursday, 7 March 2019

[US & FC] Playful Heart Bites Collaboration

Presented by Lyrea and Fyachii.

Two lonely valentines took it upon themselves to go outside their unique boxes to wish each and every one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. We don’t have any sweets to share or flowers to give, but we did a little something for this romantic holiday season that is a little more useful in the Sims 3 world we all enjoy.

Two poses play along whimsically with a set of four pillows (three singles and one double).

  • Pillows can be found under sculptures.
  • Double Pillow has two color-able channels and the three singles have one.
  • Pillows come in sims3pack and package form.
  • Poses Require Tipsy OMSP 45 and AnoeskaB Bicycle (female bike and back basket)
  • Poses are poselist compatible, but a no list option is also available.
  • Preview and Pose Codes Included in Download.
  • Pose Codes: a_fc_hpb1 and a_fc_hpb2
Note from me (fyachii) : This is a collab work, I take no credit for the cute heart shaped pillows, I only made a couple of simple poses to showcase them. Look at how cute they are! They come in 4 different sizes! hehe. Without these heart thingies, the poses I made are just a normal riding a bike pose and a bend down to pick up something pose. but anyways.. ENJOY! Happy Valentine's Day 2019 from Michelle and me! (It's been a month since Valentine's Day, I know).

DOWNLOAD : [ google drive | simfileshare ]

[FC] Picnic PosePack

Hello ~

It's been so long. I'm sorry if I'm not updating my blogspot as often as my tumblr page (not that I always update my tumblr page, too, anyway). This posepack I made it in 2017 and I kinda forgot to post them in here as well. haha.

Anyways.. as usual,

  • Codes and previews are included in the zip file.
  • List and non-list compatible.
  • NOTE : These poses are made with default height! In the previews I included, I used the version of the same poses, but it was specifically made for my sims' height. Just a little reminder if you see these poses slightly different from the previews after you test the poses yourself. :D
A little bit info (I have written down all of these in the README note)

- I use picnic basket from base game. 15 degree tipsy omsp

- camera accessory

a_fyachii_p_2f and 3f
- I use picnic basket from you-lust, but I can't seem to find the link in her page, sorry! It's from the eight-three conversion set.
- but you can also use the one from Viviandang here : Picnic set

- the77sim3 sony xz right hand

- riceball hand accessory

DOWNLOAD : [ Simfileshare | Google Drive ]

Saturday, 18 June 2016

[FC] 1224 Pose Pack

Code and previews included
List and non-list compatible
Note : 1224 is a date. December 24.

DOWNLOAD [ simfileshare ]

[FC] OMRC Pose Pack

Code and previews included
Non-list and list compatible

DOWNLOAD [ simfileshare | mediafire | box ]