Term of Use


1. Do not claim them as your own.

2. Do not re-upload them elsewhere without my permission.

3. Do not link them to adf.ly or anything related whatsoever. Please do not make money from it because I am giving all of these for 100% free.

4. Want to edit my poses for personal use, by all means, go ahead. Have fun tweaking them to your heart content because I know my poses won't suit everyone. Also, it is not necessary to ask me if you want to edit them for personal use, but if you do ask I appreciated it so much.

5. However, please do not use any parts of my poses for your base without asking me then release them and claim them as your own. No, please do not do that while I am still alive hahaha. ;_;


1. NONE. You can do whatever you want with them \O/


NOTE : I do not own the painting mesh. All credit goes to their respective creators. Orangemitten, Adonispluto and EA meshes.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you so much for downloading. Enjoy!