[FC] OMRC Pose Pack


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  1. It's so funny how much of a sweet "big brother" he was before he even realized it was going to happen :P And now look at him! Ugh! I'm with Kei, she really should have kicked him higher!

    1. Hahahah. I know right? Well, we all know he was a big ass jerk, he always was in the old one and people hated him. Though I hope since I'm the one who portrayed him this time according to my vision of how he should be in the first place, I'm aiming to make him better than before and hopefully people would like him. hihi.

      Don't worry, he will change, eventually. hehehehehe ;) I'm trying to make them live together as soon as possible so that I can focus more on them, their progress and everything, and time-skipping into the canon timeline, etc. O_O Ah, it will be very soon, after this we will see only Kei for a full chapter *I have finished writing it*. After that chapter, we will start to see them both again yay! \o/