[FC] Guitar Couple Pose Pack


My last gift for this year and this would be my New Year's gift \o/ Guitar couple poses and some bonus poses from my Christmas post and my 9th pose from 2nd pack. For the 4th poses, the one that should be using the guitar is the male. Do not worry about the chair because the pose will fit with any living chairs or sofas. The last one is a dedication to a friend, Stacy [simicidal]. There is another version for that one, without having his right hand on the wall but would be on her hips.

I did not include the guitar accessory because I do not want to go against the creator's tou. You MUST download the guitar accessory before using this guitar poses. While doing that please check the awesome poses from that creator as well. \o/

Guitar | Living chair | Sofa

Please check my tou. And please note that any height sliders will give you a different result from the original one.

I hope you guys like it. And sorry if the expression is quite similar, that is just my way of making poses because I prefer the simplest expression or even expressionless. Let me if there is any problem with it. Thank you so much and enjoy! Happy New Year! \o/

DOWNLOAD [ simfileshare | box ]


  1. Hi, I can't download this pack, could you put on mediafire, please?
    Thanks! You did a great job.

    1. Hiii! I'm so sorry for this. I have fixed the link to simfileshare. :D I haven't got the time to check my blogspot. ;_; Again, sorry for the inconvenient. Thank you for letting me know!

      My downloads on tumblr are more organized. haha. Sorry ;_;