[FC] Hold Me Pose Pack


I finally decided to share these precious poses of mine. I love them so much and how it turned out and I hope people will like it too ;) Until now only 2 people have all of these poses, Michelle and me. So this time, everyone can enjoy it! \o/ The 5th and 6th poses are actually the "rubbing-hand-on-the-back-tattoo-and-kiss-it" poses but of course it is not necessary to have a back tattoo for the poses. Same goes with pillow, it is not necessary for the poses to work. I have tried my best to minimize the clippings and such. Pose list compatible and non-list is included.

Note : Using a height slider will have a different result from the original poses.

Credits to CC creators. Special thanks to Michelle @ Lyrea for the inspirations, Kat @ mckatsims for the name and Liz @ itsmegeuliz for blackmailing me to release the poses <-- *whistling*

Please check my TOU. Thank you and enjoy! Check my tumblr for regular updates! :)

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